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Ion Bostan
Bostan Ion
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Moldova, Republic of
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Author:  DULGHERU Valeriu

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Cinetostatic analysis of planetary precessional multiplierBOSTAN Ion ; DULGHERU Valeriu ; CIOBANU Radu 
2Jun-2019Nonstandard teeth profile description and justification of precessional gear parameters selectionBOSTAN, Ion ; DULGHERU, Valeriu 
32001Pregătirea cadrelor inginereşti – prezent şi viitorBOSTAN Ion ; DULGHERU Valeriu 
42020Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. Optimal Positioning of the Blades Defined by Asymmetrical AirfoilsBOSTAN, Viorel ; BOSTAN, Ion ; RABEI, Ivan ; GUȚU, Marin ; DULGHERU, Valeriu 
52020Vertical Axis Wind Turbines: The Behavior of Lift and Drag AirfoilsBOSTAN, Viorel ; BOSTAN, Ion ; RABEI, Ivan ; DULGHERU, Valeriu ; CIUPERCA, Rodion