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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
123-Mar-2020Chemical bond and structure of substance - didactic aspectsHARITONOV, Svetlana ; SUBOTIN, Iurie ; DRUȚĂ, Raisa ; DRAGANCEA, Veronica 
22019Chemical experiment and its importance in teaching chemistrySUBOTIN, Iurie ; DRUȚĂ, Raisa ; DRAGANCEA, Veronica ; HARITONOV, Svetlana 
315-Jun-2019The interferences of burnout syndrome and motivation in the professional environmentHARITONOV, Maia ; HARITONOV, Svetlana 
42020Microalgae – non-traditional sources of nutritients and pigments for functional foodsGUREV, Angela ; DRAGANCEA, Veronica ; HARITONOV, Svetlana 
52022Physico-chemical properties of vegetable oils from local tradeHARITONOV, Svetlana ; GUREV, Angela ; DRAGANCEA, Veronica 
62022Profile of lipophilic and hydrophilic extracts from Feteasca neagră by-productsGUREV, Angela ; DRAGANCEA, Veronica ; HARITONOV, Svetlana ; GAINA, Boris