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MELNIC, Vladimir
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Moldova, Republic of
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12019Estimation of the mathematical model of the DC engine coupled with a reaction wheel using GAMELNIC, Vladimir 
22020Experimental Identification of the Mathematical Model of the DC Motor based on the Genetic AlgorithmMELNIC, Vladimir ; COJUHARI, Irina 
32019Kibocube program for the launch of the tumnanosat nanosatelliteBOSTAN, Viorel ; BOSTAN, Ion ; ILCO, Valentin ; MELNIC, Vladimir ; MARTINIUC, Alexei ; SECRIERU, Nicolae 
42019Tri-axial square Helmholtz coil for testing satellite stabilization with magnetorquersBOSTAN, Ion ; BOSTAN, Viorel ; SECRIERU Nicolae ; MELNIC Vladimir ; ILCO Valentin ; MATRINIUC, Alexei ; VARZARI Vladimir 
52020TUMnanoSAT Nanosatellite And Kibocube ProgramBOSTAN, Viorel ; SECRIERU Nicolae ; ILCO Valentin ; MELNIC, Vladimir ; MARTINIUC Alexei ; VARZARU, Vlad