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Title: Procedure for obtaining the proteoglycan preparation and its testing in the zootechnical field
Authors: EFREMOVA, Nadejda 
BEȘLIU, Alina 
TOFAN, Elena 
RUDIC, Valeriu 
Keywords: residual biomass, ethyl alcohol, distilled water
Issue Date: 2023
Conference: Inventica 2023
It is proposed a new process for obtaining the proteoglycan preparation from the residual biomass of Arthrospira platensis, dried and grinding. The biomass is mixed with 96% ethyl alcohol (1:10), suspension is placed in a water bath at +45˚C for 30 min with periodic stirring and centrifuged. The remaining biomass is mixed with distilled water (1:3 v/v), sonicated for 5 min, heated at +45˚C for 30 min or autoclaved at +115°C for 30 min, centrifuged. The preparation contains 661±2.30-733±1.55 mg/L sulfated polysaccharides, which is 28.96-32.12 times more than the closest solution. The extracts possess SOD activity of 54.68±2.82-38.41±0.42 U/mg protein and contain 20.66±0.12-26.50±0.06% S.U. proteins, 23.69±0.73-20.71±0.42%U.S. carbohydrates.
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