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Title: Process for fabrication of magnetic nanostructures
Authors: MONAICO, Eduard V. 
URSAKI, Veaceslav 
MORARI, Vadim 
Keywords: Nanostructured materials, technological steps, magnetic nanotubes
Issue Date: 2023
Conference: ICE-USV 2023
The invention refers to the technology for fabrication of nanostructured materials, especially to methods of magnetic nanostructures obtaining, which can be used in microelectronics, spintronics or data storage.
The novelty of the technological process lies in the combination of two technological steps for producing arrays of magnetic nanotubes. An inorganic nanotemplate consisting of arrays of semiconductor nanowires is prepared in the first step by anodization of a GaAs wafer with crystallographic orientation (001) or (111)B in aqueous HNO3 electrolyte. The produced nanowires are coated with a magnetic metal layer in the second step via electroplating in the galvanostatic regime.
The axis of the obtained arrays of magnetic nanotubes is oriented either in the direction perpendicular to the substrate surface in the case of using GaAs wafers with (111)B orientation, or in the direction parallel to the substrate surface in the case of GaAs wafers with (001) orientation.
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