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Title: Mathematical modelling of teeth contact in precessional transmission
Authors: BOSTAN, Viorel 
ȚOPA Mihail 
Keywords: precessional transmissions;convex-concave contact;kinematics of the contact point;generation of teeth with varying convex/concave profile
Issue Date: 2019
Project: Planetary precessional transmissions and cinematic power: constructive development, industrial manufacturing technologies and materials / Transmisii planetare precesionale de putere şi cinematice: dezvoltare constructivă, tehnologii industriale de fabricare şi materiale noi 
Journal: Journal of Engineering Science 
The article deals with the development of the 2K-H precessional toothed gear with convex-concave contact of the teeth. The teeth flanks of the satellite are described in the circular arc as well as the central wheels - with convex / concave profiles. The article addresses issues of increasing the convex-concave contact load bearing capacity by identifying the conjugated profiles with the small difference in the curvature radius. The design of the contact takes into account the decrease of the friction sliding between the conjugated flanks in view of the increase of the mechanical efficiency of the transmission. The synthesis of the toothed precessional gear is based on the study of the kinematics of the contact point and of the rational co-ration of the conjugated flanks curvature radii. The geometry of the teeth contact is analyzed according to the parametric configuration [Zg-θ;±1] and is modified by concrete technical solutions aiming at increasing the load bearing capacity and nergy efficiency of the contact. The paper describes: the new processes basic principles of teeth generation by spatial rotation and rolling, which allow the manufacture of conical toothed wheels with varying convex/concave profile of the teeth.
ISSN: 2587-3474
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.2640031
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