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Title: Precessional gear-box research regarding vibration activity behaviour
Authors: MALCOCI, Iulian 
TRIFAN, Nicolae 
Issue Date: 2020
Conference: IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering
An ideal dynamic system in general and precessional transmissions in particular should not generate any vibration, because vibration is equal with loss of energy and bigger sound level emission. In our previously research we were focused on different vibro-acoustical aspects regarding kinematical and power precessional planetary gear-box when precessional reducer is minimal and maximal filled with cooling and lubrication liquid at different operational speed (power precessional transmission K-H-V Type) and vibro-acoustical behaviour for kinematical precessional transmission 2K-H Type. In this paper I will analyse vibration behaviour for power precessional gearbox 2K-H Type regarding vibrations that occurs at bearings and main shaft misalignment. Vibration research and analysis will be made using GUNT PT500 Machinery Diagnostic System. Data acquisition will be made using acceleration sensor type IMI603C01 for FFT analysis in GUNT PT500.04 software. Obtained results will be compared with German standard VDI-2058 "Limit value for vibration severity".
ISBN: 1757-8981
DOI: 10.1088/1757-899X/749/1/012036
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