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Title: Structuri cu planșee dală, comportare la seism, particularități și oportunități de utilizare
Other Titles: Tile floor structures, earthquake behavior, features and opportunities for use
Конструкции перекрытии из плит, сейсмостойкость, особенности и возможности использования
Authors: MANŢUC, Elena 
SÎLI, Anatolie 
Keywords: flat slab;stability;flexibility;seismicity;earthquakes
Issue Date: 2022
Source: MANŢUC, Elena; SÎLI, Anatolie. Structuri cu planșee dală, comportare la seism, particularități și oportunități de utilizare. In: Abordări moderne privind drepturile patrimoniale. 12-13 mai 2022, Chisinau. Chişinău: MS Logo, 2022, pp. 406-413. ISBN 978-9975-3541-0-3.
Conference: Abordări moderne privind drepturile patrimoniale 2022
The Republic of Moldova and Romania are countries in which seismic phenomena are actively and permanently manifesting, there is an imminent danger of triggering strong earthquakes. A common design and construction practice is to build beam-columns that support the plate through the beam and the beams through the column. Nowadays, the slabs are placed directly on the columns and the loads are transferred directly into them. Such slabs called flat slab have an aesthetic advantage.
ISBN: 978-9975-3541-0-3
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