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Title: Urbanizarea intensivă și dreptul omului la expunerea la soare
Other Titles: Intensive urbanization and the human right to sun exposure
Интенсивная урбанизация и право человека на инсоляцию
Authors: IVANOV, Valeriu 
Keywords: insolation;human rights;the right to sunlight;the right to natural light;urban planning;dense buildings;planning;habitat
Issue Date: 2022
Source: ИВАНОВ, Валериу. Urbanizarea intensivă și dreptul omului la expunerea la soare. In: Abordări moderne privind drepturile patrimoniale. 12-13 mai 2022, Chisinau. Chişinău: MS Logo, 2022, pp. 435-439. ISBN 978-9975-3541-0-3.
Conference: Abordări moderne privind drepturile patrimoniale 2022
This paper reveals the concept and the content of the people's right to sunlight in an urban environment, as an inherent part of their life. The issue concerning the right to the insolation is especially relevant in connection with the dense development of buildings in the cities of the Republic of Moldova, and particularly in Chisinau. The sunlight shortage has a negative impact on the citizens’ health, green spaces, and also on the aesthetic appearance of the area. The article describes the level and quality of insolation norms in Moldova and other countries. Examples of legislation in the field of natural lighting and insolation of such countries as Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Slovenia, countries of the post-Soviet space, etc. are provided. The compliance with the norms and standards on insolation can serve as an example for the stable development of cities in our country while maintaining the ecological balance and quality of human life. The observance of citizens’ right to a full-fledged habitat is the main condition for the implementation of programs for sustainable urban development in the country.
ISBN: 978-9975-3541-0-3
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