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Title: Fluidized Bed Seed Dewatering System
Other Titles: Istalație pentru deshidratarea semințelor în strat fluidizat
Установка для обезвоживания семян в псевдоожиженном слое
Authors: TÎRȘU, Mihai 
BALAN, Mihail 
ROTARI, Viorel 
Keywords: seed dehydration;treatment method;experimental plant;fluidized bed
Issue Date: 2022
Source: TÎRŞU, Mihai; POPESCU, Victor; BALAN, Mihail; KURDOV, Igor; BALAN, Tatiana; ROTARI, Viorel. Fluidized Bed Seed Dewatering System. In: Problemele Energeticii Regionale. 2022, nr. 2(54), pp. 114-122. ISSN 1857-0070. 10.52254/1857-0070.2022.2-54.10
Project: 20.80009.7007.18. Soluţii tehnice ecoiNovative de Eficientizare a consumului de energie în clădiri şi elaborarea opţiunilor de dezvoltare a reţelelor inteligente cu integrare avansată a energiei regenerabile în R.M. 
Journal: Problemele Energeticii Regionale 
The aim of this work is to improve the efficiency of the dehydration process of seeds of agricultural plants by applying the fluidized bed treatment method. In order to achieve the aim of the work, an experimental plant for the dehydration of seeds in fluidized layer was developed, based on which the research was carried out. Convection and SHF were used as sources of fluidized bed seed treatment. The efficiency of the dehydration process with the application of the developed experimental plant was estimated for 3 types of seeds of agricultural alleaginous plants: grape seeds, flax seeds and white buckthorn seeds. These types of seeds were selected for research because at present their dehydration is a problem and they have a great potential for the food industry, traditional medicine, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. The main results obtained in the application of the developed plant to the treatment of seeds of agricultural plants in a fluidized layer are: increase of the dehydration process speed, reduction of the treatment time, reduction of electricity consumption, increase of the seed quality and reduction of the processing costs. Again, the plant is simple in terms of construction, easy to use, low in cost and during operation has demonstrated a high level of operational safety. The significance of the results obtained lies in the efficiency of the process of dehydration of oilseeds of agricultural plants, based on fluidized bed treatment, mainly with a reduction in the cost of technological processing and an increase in the quality of these seeds, for subsequent use in the food industry, traditional medicine, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
ISSN: 1857-0070
DOI: 10.52254/1857-0070.2022.2-54.10
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