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Title: Toothpick hardening device
Authors: MAZURU, Alexandru 
TRIFAN, Nicolae 
MAZURU, Sergiu 
Issue Date: 23-May-2020
Conference: EUROINVENT 2020. 12th Edition
The invention relates to the processing of pressure metals and can be used to increase the bearing capacity of the teeth. Purpose of the invention - broadening the technological possibilities, simplifying the construction of the device. The device is composed of the mobile drive disk 1, the fixed body 2, on which the hardening mechanism 3 is mounted, movable installed on the perimeter of the rotating disk 4 on the central spindle 5 and is based on the body 2 by means of the balls 6. In the body 2 it is installed a block 7, which has a high pressure cavity 8, holes, which communicate with the cavities of the block 7, and the pistons 9 and 10. The pistons 9 and 10 contact on the one hand with the mobile drive disk 1 and on the other hand with the elements loading 3, forming with its front part and loading elements 3 spherical joints 11.
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