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Bronze medals awarded at invention salons

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-May-2020MARTISORUL from tradition to modernMALCOCI, Marina ; MALCOCI, Maria Eudochia 
23-May-2020The deposition process of ZnO films doped with Eu and functionalized with PdLUPAN, Cristian ; TROFIM, Viorel 
23-May-2020Process for producing a functional curd creamGHENDOV-MOŞANU, Aliona ; POPESCU Liliana ; STURZA, Rodica ; LUNGU, Ildiko ; OPRIȘ, Ocsana-Ileana ; SORAN, Maria-Loredana 
23-May-2020Scraper with vibromechanical driveCIOBANU, Radu ; CIOBANU, Oleg ; BOTEZ, Alexei ; MALCOCI, Iulian ; DICUSARA, Ion 
23-May-2020Process for forming the micro-relay regularly on the surface of the gear teethMAZURU, Sergiu ; VACULENCO, Maxim ; BOSTAN, Ion ; SCATICAILOV, Serghei 
23-May-2020Toothpick hardening deviceMAZURU, Alexandru ; TRIFAN, Nicolae ; MAZURU, Sergiu 
23-May-2020Aeolian-solar hybrid system for domestic water heatingBOSTAN, Ion ; BOSTAN, Viorel 
23-May-2020Precessional transmissions with conform contact of the teeth in multi-pair gearingBOSTAN, Viorel ; BOSTAN, Ion ; VACULENCO, Maxim 
23-May-2020Obtaining and stabilizing dyes, antioxidants and preservatives of plant origin for functional foodsGHENDOV-MOŞANU, Aliona 
28-Jun-2019Device and method for measuring the resistance of a sensor based on nanostructured semiconductor oxides in the range of the order of microwattsVERJBIȚKI Valeri ; LUPAN, Oleg ; RAILEAN Serghei 
28-Jun-2019Lens with graduated refractive indexTURCANU Dinu ; NISTIRIUC Pavel 
28-Jun-2019Me-ZnP2 Diode sensible to optical gyrationSTAMOV, Ivan ; SIRBU, Nicolae ; DOROGAN, A. ; NEMERENCO, L. 
28-Jun-2019Gluten-free cookiesSIMINIUC, Rodica ; COSCIUG, Lidia 
28-Jun-2019Functionalization process of ZnO nanowire surface with Pd and PdO/PdO2POSTICA, Vasile ; PAUPORTÉ, Thierry ; TROFIM, Viorel ; ABABII, Nicolai ; LUPAN, Oleg 
28-Jun-2019Process for producing a functional curd creamGHENDOV-MOŞANU, Aliona ; POPESCU Liliana ; STURZA Rodica ; LUNG Ildiko ; OPRIȘ Ocsana-Ileana ; STAN Manuela Cristina ; SORAN Maria-Loredana 
28-Jun-2018Smart clothes for childrenDANILA, Victoria ; CURTEZA, Antonela ; IROVAN, Marcela ; BALAN, Stela ; RAILEAN Serghei ; BODIU, Victoria 
28-Jun-2019MayonnaiseCAPCANARI, Tatiana ; POPOVICI, Cristina ; PALADI, Daniela ; DESEATNICOV, Olga 
18-May-2019High resolution semiconductor switchSTAMOV, Ivan ; SIRBU, Nicolae ; DOROGAN, Andrei 
18-May-2019Process for producing semi-finished products of minced muttonSCRIPCARI, Ion ; GRUMEZA, Irina ; MACARI, Artur ; GUDIMA, Angela ; COEV, Ghenadie 
18-May-2019Process for producing a functional curd dessertGHENDOV-MOŞANU, Aliona ; POPESCU, Liliana ; STURZA, Rodica ; LUNG, Ildiko ; OPRIȘ, Ocsana-Ileana ; SORAN, Maria-Loredana 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 23