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Title: The mathematical modelling and interdependence of tartaric stabilization factors in natural wines
Authors: STRATAN, Alexandra 
COVACI, Ecaterina 
MOGA, Georgeta 
ARHIP, Vasile 
NAZARIA, Aliona 
Keywords: crystalline stabilization;mathematical modeling;winemaking
Issue Date: 2018
Source: STRATAN, Alexandra; COVACI, Ecaterina; MOGA, Georgeta; ARHIP, Vasile; NAZARIA, Aliona. The mathematical modelling and interdependence of tartaric stabilization factors in natural wines. In: Modern Technologies in the Food Industry. 18-20 octombrie 2018, Chişinău. Chișinău, Republica Moldova: Tipografia „Bons Offices“, 2018, pp. 214-219. ISBN 978-9975-87-428-1.
Project: 18.80012.51.30A. Stabilirea criteriilor de transabilitate a vinurilor obținute din soiuri de struguri autohtone 
Conference: Modern Technologies in the food industry
Wine quality depends on the vinification process and the geographical origin of the grapes but also highly relies on the varietal composition of the grape must. For this reason, the present work was undertaken to study the effect of the industrial stabilization process on the potassium bitartrate stability and composition of natural wines. Under laboratory conditions of production and refrigeration were tested and monitored two samples wines at each technological stage. According to achieved results was observed a decrease of color intensity, the content of tartaric acid within the limits of 23 ÷ 40 % of the initial values. Also, the complex stability of studied wines was conditioned by a number of factors: the mass concentration of potassium ions with a weight of 21.3 ÷ 24.5 %, the pH value with 12 %.
ISBN: 978-9975-87-428-1
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