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Title: Chemical bond and structure of substance - didactic aspects
Authors: HARITONOV, Svetlana 
DRUȚĂ, Raisa 
DRAGANCEA, Veronica 
Keywords: crystal lattice;covalent nonpolar and polar bonds;ionic bond;electronegativity;spatial structure;valence angle
Issue Date: 23-Mar-2020
Source: Haritonov, Svetlana, Subotin, Iurie, Druță, Raisa, & Dragancea, Veronica. (2020). CHEMICAL BOND AND STRUCTURE OF SUBSTANCE –DIDACTIC ASPECTS. Journal of Social Sciences, III (1), 5–14.
Journal: Journal of Social Sciences 
This paper is a didactic project to teach the topic "Chemical bond and structure of substance – didactic aspects", that aims to help students understand the most important notions, laws and theories. In the process of mastering the material of the topic, skills should be improved for students to make inter-subject communications with physics and mathematics based on the application of knowledge about electrons, ions, and nucleus of an atom. Students should more often be given the opportunity to analyze the composition of substances and make conclusions about the nature of chemical bonds, compare the structure of atoms, simple and complex substances, establish a relationship with properties, and predict the type of crystal lattice based on the properties of substances, so they will be able to develop logical thinking skills. When studying the topic, ideas about the relationship of opposites, about the transition of quantitative changes to qualitative ones will be further developed. Having finished the lesson students must deepen their knowledge about ionic and covalent chemical bonds, establish differences between polar covalent bond and nonpolar covalent bond, recognize substances with different bond type, develop mobility of thought, modeling, generalization and abstracting ability, cultivate the analytical spirit and the power of synthesis, use chemical terminology while presenting information on chemical connection.
ISSN: 2587-3490
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3724556
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