NanoMedTwin - Promoting smart specialization at the Technical University of Moldova by developing the field of Novel Nanomaterials for BioMedical Applications through excellence in research and twinning (#810652)

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NanoMedTwin - Promoting smart specialization at the Technical University of Moldova by developing the field of Novel Nanomaterials for BioMedical Applications through excellence in research and twinning (#810652)
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The main objective of the NanoMedTwin project is to promote the Smart Specialization Strategy in Moldova through developing the field of nanomaterials for biomedical applications by enhancing the scientific excellence of the National Center for Materials Study and Testing (NCMST) of the Technical University of Moldova via a collaborative strategic partnership program with European leading centres


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Advanced Hybrid GaN/ZnO Nanoarchitectured Microtubes for Fluorescent Micromotors Driven by UV LightWOLFF, Niklas ; CIOBANU, Vladimir ; ENACHI, Mihail ; KAMP, Marius ; BRANISTE, Tudor ; DUPPEL, Viola ; SHREE, Sindu ; RAEVSCHI, Simion ; MEDINA-SANCHEZ, Mariana ; ADELUNG, Rainer ; SCHMIDT, Oliver G. ; KIENLE, Lorenz ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
22020Aero-Ga2O3 Nanomaterial Electromagnetically Transparent from Microwaves to Terahertz for Internet of Things ApplicationsBRANISTE, Tudor ; DRAGOMAN, Mircea ; ZHUKOV, Sergey ; ALDRIGO, Martino ; CIOBANU, Vladimir ; IORDANESCU, Sergiu ; ALYABYEVA, Liudmila ; FUMAGALLI, Francesco ; CECCONE, Giacomo ; RAEVSCHI, Simion ; SCHÜTT, Fabian ; ADELUNG, Rainer ; COLPO, Pascal ; GORSHUNOV, Boris ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
32022Aero-TiO2 Prepared on the Basis of Networks of ZnO TetrapodsCIOBANU, Vladimir ; URSAKI, Veaceslav ; LEHMANN, Sebastian ; BRANISTE, Tudor ; RAEVSCHI, Simion ; ZALAMAI, Victor ; MONAICO, Eduard V. ; COLPO, Pascal ; NIELSCH, Kornelius ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
42020Aero-ZnS architectures with dual hydrophilic–hydrophobic properties for microfluidic applicationsPLESCO, Irina ; BRANISTE, Tudor ; WOLFF, Niklas ; GORCEAC, Leonid ; DUPPEL, Viola ; CINIC, Boris ; MISHRA, Yogendra Kumar ; SARUA, Andrei ; ADELUNG, Rainer ; KIENLE, Lorenz ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
52020Band tail state related photoluminescence and photoresponse of ZnMgO solid solution nanostructured filmsMORARI, Vadmin ; PANTAZI, Aida ; CURMEI, Nicolai ; POSTOLACHE, Vitalie ; RUSU, Emil ; ENACHESCU, Marius ; TIGINYANU, Ion ; URSAKI, Veaceslav 
62022Controlled Electroplating of Noble Metals on III-V Semiconductor Nanotemplates Fabricated by Anodic Etching of Bulk SubstratesMONAICO, Elena I. ; MONAICO, Eduard V. ; URSAKI, Veaceslav ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
72022Controlling the Degree of Hydrophilicity/Hydrophobicity of Semiconductor Surfaces via Porosification and Metal DepositionMONAICO, Eduard V. ; BUSUIOC, Simon ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
82022Core–Shell GaAs-Fe Nanowire Arrays: Fabrication Using Electrochemical Etching and Deposition and Study of Their Magnetic PropertiesMONAICO, Eduard V. ; MORARI, Vadim ; URSAKI, Veaceslav ; NIELSCH, Kornelius ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
92022Core–Shell Structures Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition on GaAs NanowiresURSAKI, Veaceslav ; LEHMANN, Sebastian ; ZALAMAI, Victor ; MORARI, Vadim ; NIELSCH, Kornelius ; TIGINYANU, Ion ; MONAICO, Eduard V. 
102021Crystallinity and optical properties of β-Ga2O3/Ga2S3 layered structure obtained by thermal annealing of Ga2S3 semiconductorSPRINCEAN, Veaceslav ; LUPAN, Oleg ; CARAMAN, Iuliana ; UNTILA, Dumitru ; POSTICA, Vasile ; COJOCARU, Ala ; GAPEEVA, Anna ; PALACHI, Leonid ; ADELUNG, Rainer ; TIGINYANU, Ion ; CARAMAN, Mihail 
112020Electrical and Photoelectrical Properties of Zn1−xMgxO Thin Films Obtained by Spin Coating and Aerosol Deposition MethodMORARI, Vadmin ; POSTOLACHE, Vitalie ; MIHAI, G. ; RUSU, Emil ; MONAICO, Eduard ; URSAKI, Veaceslav ; NIELSCH, Kornelius ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
122022Electrochemical Deposition of Ferromagnetic Ni Nanoparticles in InP Nanotemplates Fabricated by Anodic Etching Using Environmentally Friendly ElectrolyteMOISE, Calin ; MIHAI, Geanina Valentina ; ANICAI, Liana ; MONAICO, Eduard V. ; URSAKI, Veaceslav ; ENACHESCU, Marius ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
132020Electrochemical nanostructuring of (111) oriented GaAs crystals: from porous structures to nanowiresMONAICO, Elena ; MONAICO, Eduard ; URSAKI, Veaceslav ; HONNALI, Shashank ; POSTOLACHE, Vitalie ; LEISTNER, K. ; NIELSCH, Kornelius ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
142019Electromagnetic interference shielding in X-band with aero-GaNDRAGOMAN, Mircea ; BRANISTE, Tudor ; IORDANESCU, Sergiu ; ALDRIGO, Martino ; RAEVSCHI, Simion ; SHREE, Sindu ; ADELUNG, Rainer ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
152021Electronic transitions and energy band structure of CuGaxAl1-xSe2 crystalsMAŞNIC, Alisa ; ZALAMAI, Victor ; URSAKI, Veaceslav 
162022Evaluation of ultrasound application for the decellularization of small caliber vesselsMALCOVA, Tatiana ; NACU, Viorel ; ROJNOVEANU, Gheorghe ; ANDREE, Birgit ; HILFIKER, Andres 
172021Evolution of Pore Growth in GaAs in Transitory Anodization Regime from One Applied Voltage to AnotherMONAICO, Elena I. ; MONAICO, Eduard V. ; URSAKI, Veaceslav ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
182020Free-Standing Large-Area Nanoperforated Gold Membranes Fabricated by Hopping ElectrodepositionMONAICO, Eduard ; MONAICO, Elena ; URSAKI, Veaceslav ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
192022GaN ultrathin membrane for SERS detection of Rhodamine BCIOBANU, Vladimir ; PLESCO, Irina ; BRANISTE, Tudor ; CECCONE, Giacomo ; COLPO, Pascal ; TIGINYANU, Ion 
202021Highly Porous and Ultra-Lightweight Aero-Ga2O3: Enhancement of Photocatalytic Activity by Noble MetalsPLESCO, Irina ; CIOBANU, Vladimir ; BRANISTE, Tudor ; URSAKI, Veaceslav ; RASCH, Florian ; SARUA, Andrei ; RAEVSCHI, Simion ; ADELUNG, Rainer ; DUTTA, Joydeep ; TIGINYANU, Ion